Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Uncut Carrollton, GA. Sheet Surfaces

An uncut sheet of large size nationals from the First National Bank of Carrollton, Georgia, charter #5264.
This is a 10-10-10-20 sheet, as was a typical style ordered by many banks. Carrollton is the seat of Carroll County, a subdivision along Georgia’s border with Alabama. Carrollton was the only town to issue in Carroll County, and this was the only bank in town.

There are currently 15 large notes reported on this bank, with the four notes on this sheet all new additions to the census (making the census now 19). In addition, this is the only sheet known from this bank.

The bank was chartered in 1900 and was in business for 31 years prior to liquidating in 1931. Its total issue was $1.6 million, of which just over $17,000 in large was outstanding at close.

What makes this sheet even more interesting is that along with it came the original check used to purchase the sheet directly from the bank. The check, dated Dec. 24, 1925, was made out to the bank’s assistant cashier for $50, and clearly the sheet was meant as a gift of Christmas cash. In addition, based on the date of the check, we can extrapolate serial number information. The bank issued 14,243 sheets of large size notes.
We know that at the end of 1925, the bank was issuing notes in the 8,000-9,000 range. Information such as this, as to when actual notes were put into circulation, is rarely available, but here we have the definitive proof in the form of the actual check used to purchase the sheet directly from the bank!


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